The world of beauty

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Discover the world of beauty with us. At Brasty, we believe that every woman and man can indulge in a sense of luxury with branded products of the highest quality. Our motto is a satisfied customer and that is why we try to meet all the requirements of our clients as much as possible. You can buy our products in 10 EU countries and we are still growing and expanding to other countries. Discover with us the feeling of happiness and treat yourself to branded perfumes or cosmetics.

Discover the world of beauty and perfumes

Discover the world of luxury


Hair and body care requires quality cosmetic products. That is why we offer you branded cosmetics of the highest quality. Our range includes selected products of world brands.


In our product portfolio you will find perfumes of world brands at great prices. Thanks to us, you can indulge in a luxurious scent too. Try Chanel, Gucci or Chloe perfumes.